2023 Quarter Four Winners!

A massive congratulations to Jessica Hayes and Roger Bradfield who were crowned SJ Eastern Quarter 4 incentive and rewards winners for 2023!

Two well deserved quarter four winners, who have demonstrated an above and beyond work ethic and attitude. Striving to do the best that is possible at SJ Eastern!

Jess has been applauded for her remarkable flexibility and unwavering commitment across numerous projects. Her work consistently achieves excellence, and she shows accountability by acknowledging and overcoming any challenges she encounters. Her drive for success is evident and has earned recognition from her peers.

Roger’s commitment and display of exceptional capabilities, combined with a distinctive leadership approach, have been acknowledged. He has prominently chaired the recent staff update meetings, showcasing thoroughness and forward-thinking in anticipating the company’s future trajectory. His contributions establish him as a crucial asset and a role model for our budding talent.

Keep up the excellent work team!