Congratulations Nerijus!

It’s fantastic to hear that Nerijus Simiaviscius, a CIS installer, has won the Site Health and Safety & Wellbeing award on the KX S4 – Capella Project.

It’s always admirable to see individuals like Nerijus who prioritise workplace safety and are diligent in keeping their work areas clean and organised!

Nerijus was praised for his outstanding work ethic in maintaining workplace safety and cleanliness. He was commended for his consistent use of PPE, as well as his diligence in cleaning up after himself and ensuring the proper setup of cutting stations. Nerijus was also recognised for his excellent housekeeping skills and team-oriented attitude.

This is an acknowledgement of the contribution made by Nerijus and the SJE team both onsite and offsite, and how it has positively impacted the operations and daily functioning of the site. It’s a great testament to their dedication and hard work.