SJE Covid-19 Update

Whilst the SJE Office team continue to safely work from home, the Fumiclean team came to the SJE’s Head Office (Old Auction House) , to enhance SJE’s current Covid-19 protocols in readiness for a staff phased return to the office. Which as per UK Government and Public Health England guidelines will be monitored and controlled over the coming weeks and months. As such we will keep all staff updated as and when appropriate.

The SJE office space on the first floor of the building has been fumigated with an antibacterial mist spray which kills the majority of air-born and surface germs, including Covid-19. Door handles, computer keyboards, telephone handsets, kitchens, all toilet areas and the external stair balustrade have all been wiped down and or sprayed killing all germs on these items at the time.

Here at SJE we would like to say a massive thank you to Fumiclean.

Thank you everyone, stay safe.